Eagles’ Bluff – Garden in The Hills

Carolyn Robinson is a modest, yet brilliant plantswoman who has developed her second large country garden in a secluded spot near the Bluff River Wilderness area where she and her husband Peter live. You may remember an older post on her garden but as I’ll soon have another article, in October Australian House and Garden magazine, I thought you might like a sneak preview.


Spiky spheres of Yucca rostrata ‘Sapphire Skies’, contrast with low-growing, sprawling mounds of silver-grey cotton lavender beneath gums.

The property is accessed along a picturesque gravel road that wends through neighbouring farms and traverses flood-prone causeways. When at last you enter the Robinson’s, the track leads through paddocks grazed by cattle; and after lounging about for most of the day kangaroos also emerge at dusk to forage. In the distance, set against a mountain backdrop, you can see the house and garden perched on a knoll, and embraced by the Bluff River on three sides.


Never idle – Carolyn tending her garden.  


The lower pond is bordered by low growing natives.


Carolyn has superbly integrated natives and exotics into expansive, fourteen metre beds, repeating colour, form and textures for maximum impact while keeping long views. She uses both organic and inorganic mulches for both aesthetics and functionality.

Carolyn’s inspiration has come from designers such as Australia’s Edna Walling, Englishwomen Rosemary Verey, Penelope Hobhouse and Beth Chatto, and Dutchman Piet Oudolf. She was one of the first in Australia to install prairie-style borders at Glenrock. Now it is Carolyn who’s inspiring others, especially with her dramatic yet harmonious planting schemes.

Watch out for October’s House and Garden magazine where you’ll discover more.

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    • Thanks Kim, I am sitting here waiting for a plane to get home. Your blog has inspired me with some good ideas and inspiration when I get home. Thank you. Lois Closter.

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  1. Have to say I liked Carolyn’s previous garden more, but “downsizing” comes to us all (just done it myself) and this is a lovely example of what a lower maintenance, but still quite large garden can look like – and that outlook is stunning!


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