OAG DVD 2Our Australian Gardens Volume 2
Southern Highlands Gardens

Here’s the answer if you’ve had enough of standard TV fare or if it’s just too hot to be outside in the garden. Relax and enjoy viewing and learning about some of Australia’s most beautiful gardens.Released December 2013, this DVD features well known Southern Highlands gardens Leylandagreen, Red Cow Farm and Prittlewell. It was produced, written and includes stills by HMA member Kim Woods Rabbidge, and is presented once again by Eamon Katter. It also features an original theme and music by Anthony Romanuik.

The stunning photography encapsulates the character of each of these significant Australian gardens. More importantly, the production focuses on the gardens themselves and not on the presenter. You get to relax and see the beautiful gardens in detail; learn about their owners and designers; and understand the gardens’ histories and settings.

There are no irritating 5 minute grabs here. 20+ minutes is devoted to each garden and at last we have a production that does justice to its subjects.

The DVD includes detailed interviews with the owners and their families (even the children in the case of Leylandagreen). Whilst I have visited two of these gardens myself and talked with the owners, I learnt a great deal more from the DVD. It was great to see the images of the developing gardens and learn about the intent and the philosophies of the garden owners. I particularly enjoyed learning about the design of the gardens and in the case of Leylandagreen, having landscape architect Michael Bligh explain his input.

This DVD will be enjoyed by anyone who likes gardens, but will be of particular interest to keen gardeners, horticulturists and designers as it goes beyond the normal fare, providing substance as well as stunning photography. It offers a true sense of the gardens and what they mean to their owners.

Unfortunately there is all too little documentation regarding Australian culture. Our Australian Gardens should be credited with filling this gap and doing it with style and integrity. This production acknowledges some of the county’s finest cultural assets and will provide encouragement to gardeners of the future.

Arno King – Landscape Architect


Do yourself a favour and sit back, relax and be taken on a tour of the Southern Highland gardens, which will give you a feeling of being transported to England, France and Italy amongst the Australian landscape, without leaving the sofa!

It is about time our Australian gardens were documented for our enjoyment, and made even more enjoyable by connecting with the owners, hearing the journey of their garden, and to feel their passion and love of their environment is a treat.

Kim Woods Rabbidge and Mary-Jo Katter, along with the gorgeous presenter Eamonn Katter have done us proud, showing off some of the most beautiful, inspirational gardens and gardeners in Australia. Looking forward to Vol 3!

Megan Turner – Past Chairman of Open Gardens Australia, Queensland

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Our Australian Gardens Volume 1
Albion Farm Gardens

Wish someone like Monty Don would do a tour of great Australian gardens? The first DVD in a new series by Our Australian Gardens shows the spectacular Albion Farm Gardens in NSW with intelligent and insightful commentary by presenter Eamonn Katter.Eamonn has a warmth on camera which is very watchable, as are the garden stories of Albion Farm, with the hard-working and irrepressible Phillip and Sandy Redman, and their daughter Kate Coren at the adjoining ‘Gracemere’.

This DVD is calm, considered and elegant – there’s no arm-waving and vacuously shouting “isn’t it fabulous” which plagues many on-camera garden visits. Instead, we have a relaxed Eamonn talking with the Redmans and observing over three days the way they shape their garden – and also how the garden shapes them and their extended family.

I’ve visited Albion Farm several times and it is truly a significant Australian garden. It’s a grand-scale country garden with lakes and bridges, vistas, wisteria walks (yes – of different colours!), huge lotus ponds, amazing stonework plus extensive productive gardens, but it also has many small and intimate spaces with ideas to inspire those of us with more modest plots.
Catherine Stewart – Garden Drum

It is just lovely – can recommend it for a gift or holiday viewing. A delightful presentation of one of Australia’s best gardens.
Jennifer Stackhouse – Author, Gardening Writer

The interview nature is very smooth and clearly focuses on the garden owners presenting their garden. Imagery is wonderful. Music nice and restful – relevant to the context. I cannot flaw the production – WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU!
Paul Plant – Editor, SubTropical Gardening Magazine

Bravo to you three!!!! Absolutely stunning production. Have just watched your Albion Farm DVD and am absolutely blown away – so beautifully put together, presented and directed. Wish you every possible success with future gardens – a winning combination. I haven’t watched television for four years but when I put the dvd into my mac computer, was really spellbound. Huge congratulations and looking forward to future productions.
Trisha Dixon – Writer and Photographer

I thoroughly enjoyed it and saw parts of the garden that are not normally open to the public. It’s decent and generous of the family to share their creation by way of the film and I guess you must be happy with the result. I thought some of the still shots were really magical. What a fabulous calendar that would make.
Merridy – Merridy’s at Morpeth

Its a great insight into what is an inspirational garden…on a grand scale. The filming was great, the images were inspiring and the owners seemed very down to earth.

We do need more things like this in this country. Congratulations to you all on a job well done.
Noel Burdette – Broadcaster, Garden Writer and Photographer.

“My mum Brenda and I have watched your DVD a few times now. It is so enjoyable and really keeps you interested. We will be leaving our much-loved garden ‘Retreat’ soon but we’re looking forward to building another – just a little on the smaller side. By watching this DVD we are getting inspired to start again, something I didn’t think we would get excited about. Thanks once again, we look forward to seeing more of your gardens soon.”
Kristen Mathews

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