Euan and Kaye Murdoch have breathed new life into a treasured property.

No historic Queensland garden is without a fern house and the reconstructed one at Nindooinbah reflects the quintessence. While its roof is open to the elements, slatted walls provide filtered light and shelter for many shade loving plants.

Visiting was an absolute treat. The Murdoch’s rural enterprise is one of the most innovative in the country, and it’s wonderful to know that such sensitive, generous owners are the custodians of this extraordinarily significant home and garden.

logoP.S. Don’t forget to click on Nindooinbah and Beth Wilson for links to their websites.

Comment from Sue Dibbs, Darwin.

A beautiful house and garden – and your comment on the fern house is spot on. Our house in Auchenflower, and my grandparents house in Toowong – both had what we called the bush house. They had timber slatted walls and roofs, with gravel paths and timber plant benches. And yes – they were full of ferns and staghorns, with a few begonias for luck. Those huge hanging baskets of ferns – no exotic types available then – were magic for me and my grandmother – we had afternoon tea in there, in the cool and dappled light. I keep trying to replicate that atmosphere up here in Darwin, but the whole timber slatted business seems just too hard. Certainly shadecloth does NOT have the same magic. My latest effort has army camouflage netting over the top – and it almost works! And it doesn’t rot!

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