We have winners!

Thank you for your wonderful comments posted about Mollie Bosworth’s garden, plus other stories from 2104. We’re sending a porcelain bracelet to Julia Cannon, and a porcelain brooch to Vicki Burden.

Looking for a special present to send to family or friends?  Our DVDS, plus our packs of ten cards with images of beautiful Australian gardens are perfect!

If you’d like them sent direct to a friend just send us the details when you order online (the STORE symbol is on our home page). We’ll even include an extra card with your personal message.

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  1. I have both your DVDs and love them, specially as I am Vice President of the WA University Friends of the Grounds. Are you making any more, please? And also the beautiful looking book featured on your FB site…where can I get a copy?


  2. Have just read your piece on Mollie Bosworths gardens in Kuranda. I grew up in Atherton and travelled both ranges often to get to Cairns and the Beaches for holidays as a child. I have recently purchased one of her pieces so was happy to see where she lived and worked . Cheers Debby😺


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